Living Proof

Yamaha 16×16 Oak Bassdrum

Yamaha 16x16 Oak Bassdrum

I built one for Leonard Maddox now for Jason Grant Kelsey, now Ian Tarver is next!!!!!! And because it’s oak extra portholes were added this thing sounds absolutely thunderous and warm.

Ayotte Tension Rod

Ayotte Tension Rod

Ayotte makes a 1/4 20 tension rod for there floor tom legs special length and width. If you loose that special tension rod you dead in the water. Unless you see me!

Customer Pick Up

1 acrylic 13 Ludwig Tom now a 13 snare and Bam!



Well seeing The guide nipples were sheared off from over tension. Time to re-drill tap and get this thing going again! Because that’s how we roll.

Live Music

Man what a humble honor to walk in on this clinic and see my work on this platform. God is good and thank you Cedric Crout Sr. This made my year! And a huge congrats to Ken Burman on his continued success we’re all in it together gang!


This is what you get when you bring me a bass drum that’s crushed on one side A GONG DRUM!
So I got this destroyed bass drum shell a while back. The outside ply is very thin and took some thinking about how to remove it to this beautiful grain. Still needs a few coats but you get it. Formally a 22×18 now gong drum.