1 Fine Tune has provided services for professional musicians, venues and enthusiasts for over 6 years. We are available for everything from regular maintenance, cleaning and repair to restoring, recovering, polishing, re-edging, re-wrapping a drumline and more. We also have a tech division.

Additionally, we specialize in the custom manufacturing of drums to your specifications. So if for any reason you’re not satisfied by the sound or response of your drums, if you’re getting ready for a project and you want to nail that “killer” drum sound give us a call at (708) 733-4274 to schedule your appointment. 1 Fine Tune is firmly committed to meeting the special needs of its customers. Everyone is treated alike here, no matter if you’re a top name drummer or just someone who plays for fun.

With decades of proven skills in providing repair services, performers, managers and venue’s do appreciate Grant’s long standing professionalism in this field.

Some of Grant’s clients have been Kahri Parker(Studio session drummer/George Benson/American Idol), Cedric Crout(drum tech for Mary J. Blige), Danya Thompson(drummer for Kelly Clarkson & Destiny’s Child), United States Navy, Members of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra just to name a few.

The 1 Fine Tune Team

grant niebergall

Grant Niebergall

Head Cheese of 1 Fine Tune Grant@1FineTune.com


Jennifer Elliott

Cheese & Crackers of 1 Fine Tune   Jennifer@1FineTune.com